Aquapex Plumbing Repipe in Mesa

Last week, our plumbers were called out to a home in Mesa, Arizona, that has been having some major issues with leaky pipes. The homeowners had become tired of spending money on costly plumbing repairs so they decided to look into house repiping service.

Why Have Your Plumber Repipe Your Home?

You would want to repipe the plumbing in your home for several reasons.

  • Costly Repairs

    You have been spending money time and time again for the same type of leaks, just in different locations. Slab leaks can do this to you. This happens many times to a main water line as well. You spring a leak, and you call out your local plumber in mesa to fix it. You end up going with the cheaper of the two options at the time which is the spot repair instead of the main water line replacement. But…this keeps on happening.

  • New Move-in

    You just moved into a home, or your in the process of doing so. You get the report that the home of your dreams has inferior plumbing piping such as, polybutylene. A defective pipe. And so you end up having the entire house repiped with brand new piping to avoid any future leaks or floods.

  • Poor Water Flow

    The home your in now is having poor water pressure and no matter what you do, it does not improve. Your sick and tired of paying plumber after plumber to see what they can do only to hear that the situation cannot be remedied or that the plumber cannot find the issue. And so you end up repiping the entire Arizona home.

Plumber Recommended Piping to Repipe Your Home

There are two ways you can repipe your home.

  • Copper Repipe

    Many homeowners think this is the way to go and copper will not leak unlike the current piping they have. One thing to note is that copper is “rigid”. You have to tear out more drywall, etc to get a rigid pipe in place. And everywhere you need to make a turn you need a copper joint. And the more joints you have, the more potential leaks you have. And btw… copper has absolutely no warranty.

  • Aquapex Repipe

    This is usually what a good plumber would recommend. Aquapex is a semi-rigid piping. It can be installed much easier and with much less damage to your home. And since it can bend some, you end up with much less joints that can possibly flood your home in the future. Aquapex piping also carries with it a 20-25 year warranty depending on the manufacturer. And it insulates better than copper does. So if your in an area that’s prone to freezes, you’ll do better with aquapex as opposed to copper.

Hopefully that was helpful. If you have any more questions on whole house repipes or if you’d like to speak to one of our mesa plumbers, feel free to call us at 480-630-3981.

Happy to help any way we can!

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