Water Softener Systems: How to Choose?

It’s important to get educated about your water before choosing a water softening system. There’s a little more to it than just going down the the local lowes or home depot.

3 Types of Water Softener System Categories

There are a million systems out there to choose from but can be broken down into three main categories to help you out.

Big Box Dealers

Lowes, Home Depot and Sears. These water softening units are sold on a larger scale and are more of a one size fits all kind of approach. Units in this range tend to cost around $700 – $900 in price.

Brand Name Dealers

Kinetico, Culligan, Eco Water etc. These types of systems tend to be “proprietary” (unique only to the maker). They will cost much more and can only be serviced and repaired by the maker of the unit or the installer. Systems like this average $3000 – $5000 in price.

Middle of the Road Dealers

Plumbers tend to be the middle of the road kind a guy. Water softeners sold and installed by plumbers tend to be custom built but are not proprietary in any way, allowing you to have the systems serviced and repaired on your own or by different plumbers if need be. Systems like this can range from $1300 – $1800 in price.

How to Choose a Water Softener?

Price always tends to be the major deciding factor in choosing a water softener but here are a few things to help you out. The first thing you should know is just about everything will softener water. It’s more about how long you want the system to last and how it gets serviced that you should consider.

If you’re looking to just get something, then choose your big box dealer like lowes or home depot. It’s going to give you soft water but you may have sizing issues and it may not be as high a quality as you’d like.

If you’re the type of person that needs the coolest thing out there and money is no issue, then choose one of your brand name guys.

If you want quality at a reasonable cost, then choose your local plumber. Your local plumber will know the size of water softener for your home and can build you the same quality water softener as the brand name guys at a fraction of the cost.

For more questions on water softeners, call to speak to an expert water treatment technician.

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