How To Clean Up Your Phoenix Tile Floor After A Plumbing Disaster

Phoenix, Arizona

Aah. Plumbing nightmares. Everyone has had at least one and more than likely you have had more than that. You own a home, you can have plumbing disasters in the bathroom or in the kitchen. The overflowing toilet, the leaking faucet, the leaking tub or shower, the burst pipe. You name it, we have seen it. Plumbing issues are a problem because if you do not know how to deal with it, it is a problem.

Phoenix, Arizona, like every other major city, is not immune to plumbing issues. We have seen plumbing fiascos in beautiful new bathrooms with travertine or marble tiles, and in laundry rooms with stone tiles, in kitchens and more.

The question many clients have is what next? You call a plumber (if you’re smart) or perhaps try and deal with the leaking pipe yourself, or call your Uncle Joe or Mario to come take a look and maybe after many frustrating hours you call a pro in to help. OK so your plumbing problem is taken care of. Now how to clean up?

How to clean up your tile floor depends on the extent of the damage. As tile cleaning professionals here in Phoenix, Arizona, we have seen it all. We will typically recommend replacing the floor only when there is a significant amount of area that has been damaged. In other cases if it is a typical ceramic tile floor, you can remove the damaged tiles and replace them. If water damage has occurred and gotten into and underneath the tiles, then you are likely going to have to rip it all up, dry it all out and start from scratch. This is because it will obviously become a major problem to leave water damaged floor in place.

In the case of replacing only some tiles, first you will need to remove the grout using a scoring tool. If you don’t have one, you can get one at your local hardware or home depot type of place.

Put painters tape around the edges of the tiles nearby that you do not want to rip up to protect them. In digging up the tiles you want to remove, do not put too much pressure, just the right amount, or you will end up digging up tiles you don’t want to replace.

Next use a tile chisel to remove the tile, and after that, a wider chisel to scrape out the thinset. New thinset needs to be applied when putting down new tile.

Using a quarter inch trowel, comb a small amount of thinset onto the plywood or mortar as well as onto the back of the tile itself and put it into place. Once this has been done set the new tile in place and push it in firmly. Wait two hours for the thinset to dry and then you will fill in the grout around it. Use a rubber grout float. Wait 15 minutes for it to harden and then wipe off any excess with a damp sponge.

Even marble tiles that have been damaged due to plumbing problems can be repaired. As tile cleaning professionals in PHX we see many cases of damaged marble floors. Sometimes it will just need thorough cleaning if plumbing issues have not caused actual cracking or full destruction of the tile. Marble is a very durable material and has been used for centuries, including in Ancient Rome, and is a good choice.

Desert Tile & Grout Care Can Help with plumbing repairs
If it is cleaning a marble tiled floor, this can be handled by making a paste out of regular detergent and water. Put a thick layer of that onto the affected tiles. Put a damp cloth on top of the paste and a sheet of plastic on top of that and let it sit for a full day. Then take the cloth and plastic off but leave the paste on in the open air for another full day. Finally scrub it all and then dry it. It should look pretty good. In the case of ripping up the marble tile, the key will be to look for water damage underneath. If that exists, the whole thing has to come up and be taken care of so you do not have rot.

Many homeowners in Phoenix AZ use tile cleaning professionals to take care of this for them. Contact Desert Tile & Grout Care for all your floor cleaning needs!

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