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Got a plumbing problem?

There’s about a million plumbers out there to sort through and then the question then becomes, who do you call when you have a plumbing problem? There are a few things to look for in a good plumber.

Hire a licensed Gilbert plumber – Don’t make the mistake of trying to save some money on someone who is not licensed, bonded and insured. This can be disastrous, and in the long run can and will cost your more.

Hire a business – There are so many plumbers in Arizona and many of them operate out of just one vehicle. There’s nothing wrong with this if your plumber has been in business for some time however, if your plumber is a one man show, this may indicate that they have not been in business long and it’s possible you might have some issues with customer service if you have a problem.

Guarantee – Look for a local plumbing company that offers a guarantee on their service. This ensure that if you have a problem, you can get is resolved properly.

Tips to help you find a good plumber in AZ

Ask for a referral – The first thing you can do is ask family and friends if they know of someone they like. This will ensure you have a good experience.

Internet – Next go to the internent and search for a plumber located in your area.

Reviews – Choose a plumber with a decent amount of reviews. A company that works hard for reviews is a company that prides themselves on good customer service.

Fees – Ask about miscellaneous fees and charges. Some companies charge just to come out or if your in an area that’s just outside of their normal service region. Make sure your not getting charged extra for this.

Check your price – Some plumbers do not disclose that they charge overtime rates. It is a good idea to get a few ideas on pricing from two or three plumbers so you don’t get taken advantage of. Especially on the weekend!

24/7 Emergency Service – Can your plumber get you quickly? It’s always good to find a local plumber but if a company is busy as they should be, their plumbers may not be in areas where they can get to you quickly.

Discounts – Ask if your plumber gives discounts for scheduling online or for local residents.

If you follow the above mentioned tips, you should be able to find a great plumber, especially if your located in Gilbert, Mesa or Chandler. We also help in the areas of Scottsdale, Tempe, and Phoenix as well. All in all, use your best judgment. Ask plenty of questions and get a good feel for the company you choose to hire.

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