How to keep your disposal clog free!

Does your disposer smell and clog all the time? Everyone has suffered from stinky smelly disposer from time to time. Did you know that there are ways to keep your disposal clean and running good?

Disposal Plumbing Tips

Do’s and don’ts for disposals..

Plumbing-Gilbert-Clogged-Disposal-Avoid putting grease, fat, lard or large bones and fibrous vegetables down your disposer – Even with the best disposals, you can still encounter problems with clogged pipes from grease, fat and vegetables. If you do, you will most like clog your disposal.

If you do put items like this in your disposal, ensure that you do it with very small loads at a time – keep your disposer running and make sure to run cold water at least 15 – 20 seconds after your done. This will not only ensure that your disposal stays unclogged but it will also help keep your pipes from clogging as well.

To keep your disposal clean – grind up ice and citrus grinds from time to time. Citrus grinds can help de-bacterialize your disposal and keep it smelling good. Ice can also clean your disposal as well as keep your disposer blades sharp.

Cable or Snake your pipes – you can have your pipes cleaned every few years or so to prevent clogs from forming and backing up into your house.
Use a Mild Disposer Degreaser – you can use a disposer cleaner to keep things clean and smelling good as well but stay away from harsh cleaners that can erode and damage your pipes.

What to do if your disposal gets jammed or clogged

Remove your disposal – Depending on the model you have, some can be very easy to remove underneath your cabinet.

Remove any debris – If you can remove it (make sure it’s unplugged first!) you can take a look inside to see if there is debris you can remove from the disposal.

Reinstall the disposer and push the reset button on either the bottom or side of the disposal.

If the motor is not burnt out, this should get you back in shape. Hopefully these tips we’re of some help to you. If not however, your going to need to call a Gilbert plumbing company.

For more questions on disposals or to speak with an expert plumber, give us a call at 480-630-3981!

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