Plumbing: Is it really $50 drain cleaning?

Drain cleaning in Arizona has become extremely competitive these days. With many people looking to save money, many plumbers in Gilbert advertise $50.00 drain cleaning specials. Have you ever wondered what it really costs a plumber just to get to you home?

Let’s look at the costs of your average plumbing service call.

  • Plumber Pay – $20 – $30 per hr
  • Gas – Anywhere from a couple bucks to maybe $40 or $50 depending on where you live
  • Company Overhead – $50 per hr

When you break it down it makes you wonder how $50 covers anything. So why would a plumber come all the way out to your house for just $50?

One Reason – the opportunity to come into your home and sell you something.

How to make sure you get the right company for
your plumbing in Gilbert, AZ

Drain-Cleaning-Plumbing-AZNot every plumber in Gilbert wants to take advantage of you, but you have to ask yourself if this is what you want. Maybe what you want is a good honest plumber whose reasonably priced. That’s not always the cheapest price but it can be the best “value” for your money.

Call around for a few prices – exclude the high and the low. The rest should be your reasonably priced plumbers.

Choose someone “trusted” – plumbing companies who have many years of experience have a name to uphold and therefore should be fairly priced.

Exclude phone quotes – Exclude plumbers who are “quick” to quote prices over the phone. These plumber tend to be the ones who are willing to take advantage of you.

Remember that the next time you call a plumber looking for dirt cheap prices. Many will show you something cheap and sell you something more. It’s not always the cheapest price that saves you money.

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