Main Line Replacement or Plumber Repair?

Main water line leaks can be pretty expensive. There’s the money you have to spend on a repair or replacement and the money lost in excessive water loss. What you can do to minimize the cost of both.

When you spring a leak in your front yard, it’s important the you try to first contain the problem. This can be done by shutting the water off to your home at your “city” meter box.

Once you’ve done that you can either attempt to dig up the problem on your own or call in a plumber.

The question then becomes, “do you replace your entire main line, or repair it?”

Repair or Replacement Plumber Tips


You can repair your main line. It will definitely save you money. A main line repair might cost you anywhere from $300 – $600 depending on how deep it is. The one question you need to ask yourself is, “what if the repair doesn’t hold?” or “what if it breaks in another location?”. Repairs on old plumbing may or may not last.


Replacement is obviously the more expensive way to go and should you choose to go this route you need to make sure you’ve chosen a good plumber to help you with this. There’s not much you can do to minimize the cost of a main line replacement. One thing you can do is to find out how your plumber wants to run your new main line and offer to dig the trench either on your own or with your own help. Just make sure you do a good job or your plumber won’t be too happy when they go to run your new line.

Plumbing repairs are usually on the more expensive side of things since it’s typically an emergency service. There “are” things you can do to save on cost but make sure that you are only handling things that you are capable of doing in timely fashion. Many people get into “do it yourself” projects only to realize they should not have.

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