On Demand vs. Instant Hot Water

Many homeowners like the idea of having instant hot water whenever they turn on the hot water. It can save you gallons of wasted water in having to wait for hot water when taking a shower. It’s also nice to not have to wait for hot water when washing your hands.

Plumber-Instant-vs-On-demand-Many however mistake the difference between “instant hot water” and “on-demand” hot water.

Some people think that when they purchase a tankless water heater, they have “instant hot water” all through out their home. Although it is technically correct that you have instant hot water, it does not mean that the water is instantly hot all through out your home. Tankless hot water heaters do heat your water instantly but you still have to wait for it to get to the desired location.

On-demand hot water however means that you have hot water “circulating” throughout your entire home so that when you need it, it’s right there and there’s not waiting for it.

There is a bid difference in how to accomplish this. Instant hot water requires a tankless water heater which can cost you roughly $3000 – $4000 to have installed.

On-demand hot water requires that a recirculating pump be installed at your water heater. An additional valve would also be installed somewhere in your home to create a continuous loop for the hot water to recirculate. Recirculating pumps range in cost anywhere from $450 – $650 depending on what you need. You can have this installed by your local plumber. Gilbert, AZ

I have a recirculating pump in my home. It took me a few minutes to get hot water in the mornings. Now when I turn on the shower it’s already “hot”. It’s kinda like going from a two door car to a four door. Once you go to a four door you’ll never go back. I have really enjoyed the system and what I spent in cost I eventually saved in excess water savings.

So what do you want exactly? Instant hot water or on-demand hot water.

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