Are you looking for a good plumber in Mesa? Recently we received a phone call from one of our customers. Our receptionist took the call and had explained to one of our managers that one of our recent customers called in and asked for the owner.

When asked what the customer had inquired about, the receptionist told our manager that the customer refused to say what the call was regarding.

The manager then called the plumbing technician that worked on this particular home in Mesa and asked if there we’re any problems that occurred at the home.

The plumber replied that in his opinion, everything went really well and to his knowledge the customer was fairly happy with his service however the manager could tell there was some worry from the plumber.

The manager then decided to call the customer back. To the manager’s surprise, when the customer was called back, she informed the manager that she had never worked with such a good plumbing company. Her technician “Mike” had done a fantastic job and in her words she stated “he treated us like a friend”.

Weeks prior we had sent out a plumber to this particular home for a slow drain at the customers kitchen sink. The customer had old galvanized piping which was so bad that the plumber could not use a drain snake to break through the blockage.

Our plumber explained that he could perform the drain service but that it wouldn’t do any good as her piping needed to be replaced. The customer asked our plumber to perform the service anyway.

When the service did not work the customer called in to complain that she needed something to be done as she still had the plumbing problem.

Our manager had discussed the matter with the plumbing technician who came up with a two price scenario for the customer to choose from. A best and worst case scenario pricing so there were no surprises to the customer.

We were surprised and grateful for the wonderful comment as our plumbers in Mesa strive hard to keep a good reputation for the customers that we work for. We understand that plumbing issues arise and sometimes the repairs are not cheap so we offer multiple solutions and have our customers choose what they want.

Yes, we also service Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix and surrounding areas.


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