Plumbing Fixture Installations By Cadiente Plumbing

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Plumbing Fixture Installations By Cadiente Plumbing

“My name is Brett Cadiente and I’m with Cadiente Plumbing. We do plumbing in Mesa, Arizona and we seem to get around all of Mesa, but some of the services that we handle in Mesa might include slab leaks, drain calls. A lot of the general public actually don’t know that plumbers actually handle the drains and the rooting and drain cleaning as well. So, we do that. Kitchen faucets, sinks, disposals, things like that. So, we do quite a bit.

We install all types of plumbing fixtures really. We repair all the major brands of water heaters, AO Smith, American, Rheem, Bradford White. We also do a lot of faucets, Moen, Delta, Price Pfister. Really we can get just about any fixture, you can find in a magazine or a plumbing store. A lot of times we’re going to have some recommendations on who we think you might go with, in terms of what we think is quality, as far as warranty-wise, what’s necessarily the easiest to fix, but what manufacturers provide parts that are rarely available to the public. There’s nothing worse then buying a fixture and putting it in your house and it looks very beautiful, but you can never get parts to repair that. “

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