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Cadiente Plumbing has been offering the services of licensed, bonded and insured Mesa plumbers since 1968. We are a full-service plumbing company and we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, since emergencies don’t only occur between 9AM and 5PM. In an emergency situation, you will appreciate our fast response time and upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

Plumbing Services

Cadiente Plumbing also performs all types of general plumbing services, anything from sink and toilet repair right up to completely repiping a house and repairing a serious slab leak. No job is too large or too small. We will gladly replace a toilet flap to prevent toilet running and water loss, or install any new plumbing fixtures, such as a sinks or hot water heaters.

Water Leaks

As sink faucets age they develop annoying leaks and drips, which means that gaskets need to be replaced. We can repair your old faucet or replace it with a more contemporary style to update your bathroom.

Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters may also have a shorter life than consumers expect. Over time minerals and salts can build up in the hot water heater tank, taking up space that used to be taken up by hot water. The result is, that much less hot water is available to you, so you run out of hot water much more quickly than you used to. Once a hot water heater reaches its average life expectancy of 10 years, if it develops a problem you may be able to save money in the long run by replacing it with a new, more efficient appliance.

Toilet Repair

Mesa Toilet Repairs and Replacements by Cadiente PlumbingMany people don’t realize that plumbing components don’t last forever. For example, while a toilet may last as long as your home, the lifespan of the lever, flapper and valve can be 5 years or less. If a toilet fails to flush or continues to run long after flushing, it is probably time to have some of these parts replaced.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes can be a more serious problem since severe damage can be done before the problem is discovered. Leaking pipes can result in damaged drywall and dangerous mold. In addition, many homes are built on concrete slabs, and a leak underneath this slab is always a serious issue. We are proficient in leak detection, and will come prepared with specialized electronic leak detection equipment that can help to determine the source of the leak.

Brett Cadiente is a second generation veteran plumbing specialist, proudly serving the Mesa Arizona area.

About Mesa Arizona

Mesa, the third largest city in Arizona, was founded in 1878, and is home to several museums, including the Arizona Museum for Youth, the Air Force Aviation Museum, and the Arizona Museum of Natural History. Mesa also holds many attractions reminiscent of its cowboy and Native American history such as, The Rockin’ R Ranch, a real pioneer ranch, still operated by one of Arizona’s original pioneer families. In addition, one of Mesa’s biggest attractions is Hohokam Stadium, the spring training home of the world famous Chicago Cubs. It’s a baseball lovers dream, watching a game in February while soaking up the 75 degree sunshine!

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