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24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Many Mesa AZ plumbing problems qualify as emergencies. We can’t live without water, but water making its way where it doesn’t belong can cause extensive damage. Pipes can burst for various reasons, and prevention is the best option to protect your belongings. Older pipes are more likely to burst due to loss of strength and/or corrosion. Another cause of bursting pipes is poor quality pipes and poor installation including improperly sealed joints. One of the more common causes of burst pipes in colder areas is freezing. If you live where the temperature dips below the freezing point in the winter, your pipes must be properly insulated or you risk having the water in them freeze, expand, and crack the pipes. In addition, many pipes are broken due to physical damage, such as digging during construction.

If the problem appears to be more of a leaking pipe rather than a burst pipe it is slightly less serious, but don’t delay in taking action, the situation can get out of control quickly. The first step to take in any kind of pipe leakage situation is to turn off the water at the main valve. Then open the faucets to relieve pressure. Though some home owners attempt repairs on their own, the problem is that a pipe that’s in bad enough condition to leak often begins leaking in other places too. You may fix one spot only to see the pipe burst elsewhere. This is generally a job better left for a professional plumber in Mesa. Furthermore many of these situations can be avoided by having your pipes inspected by a professional plumber to be certain they are in good working order.

Now the worst situation is backed up sewage. Water is supposed to go down the drains, not up! If the problem is confined to one drain, such as a sink or a toilet, it could be anything from solidified grease to a foreign object. If sewage is backing up into your toilets and drains in different locations of your house, the problem isn’t just a localized blockage; it’s more likely a stoppage in the main sewer drain line. There are numerous reasons why a sewer main line can clog. Larger foreign objects, such as diapers, accidentally flushed down the toilet, can lodge in the sewer line, or tree roots can grow into the line causing a blockage. Heavy rains and flood waters entering sewage systems can inundate them, causing back-ups into basements.

Whatever the cause you need help immediately! Sewage contains disease causing bacteria that may contaminate your home rendering it uninhabitable. This definitely calls for a Mesa emergency plumbing service.

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