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When a toilet gets clogged, anyone can use a plunger or some kind of clog remover, but what if that doesn’t work? If your typical methods prove ineffective, it may be time to contact an experienced Mesa plumber to help you with the situation. The clog could be anywhere in the piping system. It could be just below the toilet or in the water main near the street. A professional in Mesa AZ has the tools to reach clogs regardless of where they are. If a pipe is broken, a specialist will most likely have to replace it.

If you discover that your toilet is leaking, there are many possible causes. It’s best to call someone who can properly assess the situation based on thorough education, training, and experience. If you live in Gilbert, Chandler or Mesa, Arizona, the professional technicians at Cadiente Plumbing can find the exact source of the leak and repair it for you quickly and efficiently.

On the other hand, if you have a cracked tank or toilet bowl, you should definitely call a licensed Gilbert plumbing professional, as this issue can lead to costly future water damage, electrical damage, and overall home damage repairs if gone unchecked. The cracked part will need to be replaced and if it isn’t done properly, it can continue to leak and cause damage to floors, walls and, if the bathroom isn’t on the ground floor, even your ceilings. This can also happen when replacing a Mesa toilet. Improperly seated toilets tend to leak.

Leaks, especially slow leaks, can go unnoticed and lead to other problems like mold. In turn, mold can lead to health problems for your entire family. If you live in a condominium or an apartment, the problem can be compounded by affecting your neighbors as well. Calling a professional plumber in Chandler is the best thing to do in this situation. Contact us to learn more!

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