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When to Replace an Old or Broken Water Heater

Arizona homeowners who want to replace an old, broken, or inefficient water heater with an energy rated version should first educate themselves on what works best for their individual needs. Is there a need for more hot water or does the problem lie within the hot water heater itself?

A local Mesa plumbing company will be able to visit a home and inspect the water heater for problems. He may decide along with your help that you need to remove or replace your current water heater and replace it with a more efficient, energy rated one. Deciding what to do to fix your problem may be only a phone call or visit away. Where once you were struggling with little to no hot water, the solution just may be a new water heater installation.

Water heaters come in two types, gas and electric. Deciding which water heater to replace an existing one with usually depends on the existing machine. A knowledgeable service tech will quickly determine which type of machine you need, if any. When repairing a broken water heater, you’ll want to take some things into consideration and your plumber will be there to help you to decide. Is their room to grow? Do you expect your family to increase in size? Does your current water heater have the capacity, recovery rate (how fast water is brought to temperature), and energy efficiency rating you find saves you the most money? Expect these questions when you want to replace your Arizona water heater.

A water heater that is over ten years old is one that is ready to give a homeowner problems. It will be at this time that water might be leaking from the bottom of the tank or around fittings and the water heater may not bring the water to a correct temperature. These are the number one and two reasons someone replaces their hot water heater. Work with an experienced Chandler plumber and your job diminishes down to making a few good decisions about your new hot water heater; your service technician can take care of the water heater installation.

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