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Professional Water Treatment Services in Mesa, Chandler and Gilbert!Do you have trouble with rust, hard water, or water that has a bad taste or smell? According to surveys nearly 90% of American homes have some problem with their water. There are numerous reasons for the issues you may have with your water.

The most common problem in Arizona is hard water. Hard water begins underground where water collects minerals from rock. Water most commonly collects iron, magnesium carbonate, calcium, and manganese. Any combination of these minerals can give water unpleasant characteristics that we call hard water. The AZ water treatment specialists at Cadiente Plumbing can test your water sample to tell you how hard it is along with other necessary information, such as if it contains contaminates or toxins.

One fairly obvious problem is rust, most often found in well water. The water may appear brown or red and leave a metallic aftertaste, along with reddish brown stains on laundry and in sinks and tubs.

Other minerals present in hard water cause spotty dishes, white spots on chrome, clogged pipes, and necessitate the use of more soap for bathing and laundry. Additionally hard water prevents thorough rinsing. Calcium and magnesium react with many soaps and cleaners to form soap scum and bathtub ring.

The remaining problems created by hard water are more insidious, until plumbing or appliance failures occur in your home. Scale and rust can attach to the inside of your AZ plumbing pipes narrowing their diameter until water flow is restricted. Lime and scale deposits are especially harmful to water heating appliances. It builds up inside of hot water heaters, shortening their life and reducing their capacity and efficiency. It is destructive to ice makers, coffee makers, dishwashers, washing machines and all water using appliances.

Hard water may even cause skin problems, such as irritation or rashes since it changes the skin’s pH and leaves soap film behind on the skin, which can eventually clog pores. Furthermore minerals can attach to hair, leaving it dull and brittle.

Services for Water Treatments, Water Softeners,
Reverse Osmosis & Purification Systems

A water softener is usually the best option to remove minerals and rust from water. A Mesa water treatment specialist can assist you in choosing the best size and type of water softener according to the results of water testing. Water softeners are rated according to the number of grains of hardness they can remove from water between regenerations.

A standard Chandler water softener works on the principle of ion exchange. Unconditioned water enters the tank, which is filled with beads that have a negative electrical charge. The beads attract the positively charged minerals in the hard water while giving off sodium (salt). This action removes minerals and softens the water.

Drinking Water Systems

Arizona Drinking water systems are often used in the kitchen to provide the best tasting, healthiest, water for drinking and cooking. Reverse osmosis systems are considered the gold standard in drinking water systems. They are recognized by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control as an efficient way to treat drinking water.

Generally, reverse osmosis systems consist of a pre-filter, a membrane and a post-filter. In reverse osmosis systems larger particles are removed by the pre-filter before pressure is used to push the water through a very fine membrane which removes finer particles. Lastly, before it comes out the drinking water faucet, it goes through a post-filter to remove any remaining taste or smell.

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