Solar Water Heaters

SunEarth Solar Water Heater - Heating SystemsAre you looking for a solar water heater? Cadiente Plumbing is a full service plumbing company offering all types of solar water heating options to the valley.

We service and install new solar water heating systems in the Mesa & Phoenix Metro areas as well as the surrounding cities of Gilbert Chandler, Tempe & Scottsdale. So if your anywhere in the valley, we can come to you to see if our solar water heating is right for you.

Why go with a Solar Water Heater?

Having a solar water heater installed can be a very expensive process as opposed to having your water heater replaced with a standard water heater. One might ask why even consider installing a solar water heater. Here are a few reason why you might consider a solar water heater.

  • Rebates – there are numerous rebates available to help lessen the cost of installing a solar water heater. In some cases you can get your new solar water heater installed at about 75% – 85% of the total cost with all of the rebates available to you.
  • Savings – since your solar water heater is powered by the sun instead of gas or electricity, you will be saving a great deal of energy. Next to your air conditioner and stove, your water heater is your third most energy consuming appliance in your home. In the end, why pay for energy when you don’t have to.

Sun Earth Solar Water Heating

When choosing an Arizona solar water heater, you want something that doesn’t have continual call backs creating a great deal of frustration for you. Traditional style water collectors hold up the best and SunEarth is a great company to choose your solar water heater from.

There are numerous solar water heating products out there you can use on your home however SunEarth is one of the most experienced in solar. SunEarth has be designing solar systems since 1978 offering the best solar water collectors in the world.

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