How do I know if my main water line is leaking?

Underground Main Line Water Leaking

Underground Main Water Line Leak

Got a main water line leak? We can help! Cadiente Plumbing in Mesa Arizona offers expert plumber service for mesa water line leaks.

Our plumber was called out to a home in Mesa this past week. Upon arrival we found what you see on the picture which was a main water line leaking which needed a plumber mesa az repair.

Sometimes these types of water leaks can be problematic as not always can you dig where the water is to find the leaking main line. In some cases we have to dig numerous hole until we find the leak.

What we end up doing in some cases is providing two bids to our customers so we don’t end up over charging for simpler water line repairs.

In this case the leak had occurred due to a poor transition fitting from the plastic line to the copper line. Not always are these installation errors. Sometimes the connection just goes bad for whatever reason and you end up with a leak.

And there really isn’t a good way to prevent underground leaks like this. You can however minimize the cost of the repair and possibly the cost of your water bill.

Main Water Line Leak Tips

  1. Get familiar with the normal cost of your water bill
  2. If it goes up by even just a little, try investigating to see if you have a leak
  3. You can look at your main water meter to check for leaks as it will spin when all fixtures are off.
  4. If you do have a leak, call your local plumber in Mesa to help you “before” spending money on a leak location service. In most cases your local plumber will come out at no-charge to investigate.
  5. Lastly, the other thing you can do to save money is weight the option of a spot repair vs having your main line replaced altogether. If you have one leak, you may get more if your main water line is bad. There’s no reason to keep spending money when you can have it replaced. It will cost you more upfront but it may save you in the long run.

Hopefully these tips were helpful. And hopefully you won’t have to experience a main water line leak but chances are you will at some point. Get familiar with a good plumber in your area beforehand just in case. We hope you call us, but if not, hopefully these tips will have helped you some.


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