What causes my water heater to go out too soon?

Anode rods cause early water heater replacementGot water heater problems? Ever wonder what makes a water heater leak or go out too soon?

One of our plumbers in mesa we’re called out to a home last week for a water softener quote. While we were there the homeowner mentioned that one of his water heaters leak about every 3 – 4 years. This is typically the result of an electrolysis problem.

Basically electrolysis can produce highly conductive water. And when you have highly conductive water it will then react with your water heater anode rod.

What is a water heater anode rod? The anode rod is the only part in your water heater that is not warranted. By design it’s supposed to slowly dissolve over time and provide protection to the inside lining of your water heater tank.

When the rod eventually dissolves completely you have zero protection and the lining of your water heater will eventually crack, rust, and then leak causing a water heater repair.

With a low voltage current or conductive water, this will cause your anode rod to dissolve twice as fast if the anode rod is made of aluminum. The solution is to replace your water heater with a new one that already has a magnesium anode rod installed in it. Without the aluminum there is no issue and you can have a water heater that will last you as long as it should.

Water Heater Repair Options:

  1. Replace your water heater with a new one that has a magnesium anode rod like a Bradford White or a Rheem water heater.
  2. If the existing anode rod has not already broken, have it replaced with a magnesium anode rod. Keep in mind that even though you’ve replaced your anode rod, there may already be existing damage to the tank lining of your water heater. It may be better to just replace your water heater altogether.

For more questions, call one of our experienced plumbers. We can come by for a no-charge quote and see what we can do for you.

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