How Water Softeners “Really” Work

Cadiente Plumbing shares how water softening systems work in Arizona homes

Have you ever wondered what exactly soft water is? Most people that you ask will tell you that soft water “without hard minerals”. And that the slick feel that you get when you take a shower is from the hard minerals (calcium and magnesium) being removed from the water.

Have you ever been to the beach? Have you noticed that when you get out the ocean you feel slick and slimy? The reason for this is that the ocean has an abundant supply of minerals. So if that slick and smooth feel that you get from soft water is water without the minerals, how come you get that same slick feel when you get out of the ocean?

Many people purchase water softeners because either they think they have bad water or they want that slick feel when they shower but they really don’t know what soft water is. Some claim there are significant health benefits from using a water softener.

Getting into exactly how a water softener works can be extremely little complicated when you are talking about ion exchange and other technical industry terms. In this tutorial I’m going to show you a very simple water test that you can perform at home that will best illustrate what exactly soft water is and how a water softener softens water.

So how does an Arizona water softener really work? It simply puts a little sodium in your water supply. Yes, it is water minus the hard minerals but that slick feel that you get is sodium, which is a natural conditioner. When you combine sodium with your soaps and conditioners, it’s going to make everything feel that much better. We have also learned that a water softener is very good for your plumbing and appliances but might not have the health benefit you were looking for. If you want to remove chlorine and contaminants from your water, you may need to look into a water filter or purification system that contains carbon.

If your home is in need of a water softening system installation, or if your existing system simply needs some professional repairs, contact the expert plumbing contractors at Cadiente Plumbing to receive top-quality services at an affordable price.

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