Clean PlumbersI speak to so many people who tell me they are really careful about calling a plumber because they have this idea that all plumbers are dirty.

We’ve always tried to maintain a very clean and professional look amongst our customers. But I’ve never really thought about addressing the concern that plumbers are dirty.

So what we’re doing now to help when people come to our website, is we’re going to have some pictures of our technicians. Of how a plumber would look when they enter your home from top to bottom.

What You Should Look For In A Plumber

Our plumbers are required to wear a clean uniform first and foremost and be friendly.

We require all of our plumbers to wear ID tags so that they are identifiable to our customers.

One of the things we wear when we come into your home are shoe covers. We call them booties. Even if you don’t ask we require our plumbing techs to put them on. The reason for this is to show our customers that we “are” clean.

And lastly, when we’re done making plumbing repairs in your home, we have shop vacs and cleaning supplies to clean up after ourselves.

So the next time you need a plumber,  we’d like you to remember that Cadiente Plumbing is one of the “cleanest” plumbers out there that you can call. Because now you know exactly how well look when we arrive and what we’ll do when we enter and leave your home.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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