In-Wall Plumbing Leak repaired by Mesa AZ plumbers at Cadiente

Does your home or business location have plumbing leaks? Plumbing leaks can be problematic on older homes and buildings, and they can create a great deal of costly damage if you are not prepared. Hiring a professional plumbing company to provide your home with regular inspections and maintenance will reduce the likelihood of future costly repairs.

Recently our team of trained and highly-experienced plumbing technicians were called out to inspect and repair a plumbing leak in Chandler, Arizona. When we arrived at the residential location, we found that water had leaked into a wall cavity and had caused a decent amount of damage to the structure of the home.

Why Your Plumbing Leaks

Many homeowners in Arizona ask us how they get leaks in their piping in the first place. They are always curious if the leak occurred because of a broken pipe or some sort of plumbing defect.

  • Plumbing Defect

    Sometimes with certain types of piping, you can get defective piping. When you have a plumbing leak in your home that has caused a great deal of water damage, it is important to keep and have the part evaluated. One of the first things you can do is try to find out who manufactures the part. Many times there is a name on the failed part. If the part was deemed defective, usually the company that manufactured the part has a team that handles all of their defects. So spend the time to see if they will cover damage before you do.

  • Poor Installation

    This is probably the more common of the three problems were explaining here. Many times plumbers, installers, move to quickly with their work. And they miss very small details about their installations. Over time the plumbing connections that hold your piping together, break free and you end up with a plumbing leak. The other issue you can find with poor installations is sometimes it can be other contractors that cause those leaks. A framer or a lather can sometimes hit a plumbing pipe with one of their nails. You never see a leak for years until the nail rusts free. And when it starts leaking, sometimes it starts off as a slow leak which can cause mod problems.

  • Poor Luck

    Sometimes when we go out for slab leaks we find that it was actually small rocks that over time rubbed their way through the cooper piping underground. Water lines like to expand and contract and when this happens, if there are small stones laying next to or underneath your piping, you can get leaks over time that way. Really nobody’s fault but not the best to have to deal with.

Use a Plumber that Makes You Not Worry

Cadiente Plumbing is a local plumbing company in Mesa Arizona. We service Mesa and the surrounding cities of Gilbert and Chandler. We also take care of the Phoenix cities as well.

We have decades of experience, and our plumbers are just about as friendly as they get. One of our specialties are Arizona plumbing leaks. In wall leaks, slab leaks, underground main line leaks… you name it… we do it. And we do it right.

So if you have a plumbing problem or if you’ve had one that never seems to go away, give us a call, we’re happy to help!

Cadiente Plumbing
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