Why you shouldn’t buy your own disposal

Disposal repairs and replacements can be expensive depending on what you want to purchase. Many people when looking for a good disposal people sometimes like to go to a home depot or a lowes to purchase their own disposal thinking this will save them money.

Why call a good plumber

A few tips why purchasing your own disposal doesn’t save you any money

Disposal-repairs-and-replacements-Why-to-use-a-plumber-Gilbert-AZ-150x150You end up paying retail price for something your plumber will sell you at a discounted rate.

Big box dealers sell disposals and the “power cords” separately. Many people buy the disposal for what they think is a “cheaper” price and learn after the fact that they need to spend a little more money.

Important: Let’s say you purchase your own disposal, you pay a plumber to install it. What happens when your disposal has an issue and you need to warrant out a part? Let’s say you call your plumber in gilbert az to inspect the issue. He tells you it’s the fault of the disposal. You get charged for the “extra” trip because he will either have to wait for you to take your disposal to home depot or he will have to do it for you.

One problem with your disposal and you will lose everything you thought you saved. For a couple more bucks you can have your plumber provide and install your disposal at a reasonable price knowing if there is any sort of problem, they will cover it directly with no extra trips.

Give us a call or send us an email if you have more questions or would like to see the types of disposals we provide. We have 24 hour plumbers in gilbert available to handle any questions you may have.

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